What Does a Site Reliability Engineer Do?

We must monitor every possible metric within our platform so that we have a precise understanding of our system’s health at all times. The monitoring plan must be created along with the system design, or with each Site Reliability Engineer service that we are going to support. At Stackify, we have hundreds of servers and we don’t even have an IT operations team. Software developers spend a lot of time chasing bugs and putting out production fires.

  • This one might scare some people away, but knowing what I do today, I would not hire a Reliability Engineer who didn’t understand the major PdM technologies.
  • Also known as an operational manual, a runbook is our guide for resolving an incident.
  • While that doesn’t rule out the occasional server room rush, Site Reliability Engineers work to minimize the time, effort, and resources needed to keep a company’s site up and running.
  • High performers can ensure they stay in six-figure territory with an additional cash compensation of $12,674, bolstering their total compensation to $137,278.
  • Integrations End-to-end visibility in minutes, and the interoperability between data tools you need.

If you are a systems engineer and want to improve your programming skills, or if you are a software engineer and want to learn how to manage large-scale systems, this role is for you. Deepening your knowledge in both areas will give you a competitive edge and more flexibility for the future. Develop quality gates based on production-level service level objectives to detect issues earlier in the development cycle. Everything the organization does in the value stream process should answer the question “how do we ensure this runs in production reliably?

Increasing and maintaining uptime is a constant struggle for every organization. But businesses that have effective SRE processes have a leg up on competitors, with greater system resilience and, consequently, a larger percentage of successful releases. When incidents occur, they have a faster mean time to acknowledge and repair (MTTA/MTTR). Less time fixing production issues means that all teams — developers, SRE and operations — can focus on delivering business value in their particular disciplines. As a result, reliability becomes a feature of software development rather than an impediment to it. Site reliability engineers are important to both IT operations and software development within a company.

One half software engineer, one half operations admin, the DevOps professional is tasked with bridging the gap between building performant systems and making them secure, scalable, and accessible. A site reliability engineer deals with large-scale systems and cloud infrastructure. They also protect operating systems from external attacks, like viruses and hackers.


While working in IT management he realized how much of his time was wasted trying to put out production fires without the right tools. He founded Stackify in 2012 to create an easy to use set of tools for developers. Going forward, we hope that organizations will continue to invest in reliability as it helps everyone involved.

What should a Site Reliability Engineer know

Many organizations struggle to manage their vast collection of AWS accounts, but Control Tower can help. Prometheus and Grafana are widely used monitoring solutions, so it makes sense to learn those. Having a thorough knowledge of your organization’s operating system is necessary.

See below for detailed information on the average site reliability engineer’s salary. In here I’ve played different development, operations and coordination roles and also obtained a PhD degree in computer science. To learn more about how Dynatrace enables SRE with “shift-left SLIs,” join us for the on-demand performance clinic Automated SRE-driven performance engineering with Dynatrace.

organization, supporting decision making and agility Learn more>

Manage data incidents and drive blameless post mortems with cross-functional teams. They are an integral part of systems development and operation. Without SREs, most companies would experience a steady decline in user experience and engagement.

What should a Site Reliability Engineer know

A site reliability engineer works between development and operations. The SRE, then, is a software developer with experience in and knowledge of IT operations. The SRE role ensures a site has the necessary functions to provide users with the requested services. In today’s automated world, that includes building self-service tools that provide greater availability, performance, and efficiency for users. Data reliability engineers need to gain visibility into the operational analytics of key data initiatives like data governance, data quality, performance, and cost.

Five things to know about site reliability engineering

“Site reliability engineers ensure systems stay reliable, resilient, and available,” he adds. While the primary responsibility for data reliability engineers is to ensure your organization has high-quality data and minimize data downtime, there are additional responsibilities. Here are three data reliability engineer job descriptions we’ve found that effectively describe the position. While a site reliability engineer and a DevOps engineer perform similar functions, they are not in the same role. A DevOps engineer is responsible for managing software development processes and tools and ensuring that the code being developed meets quality standards. Site reliability engineers, on the other hand, are responsible for ensuring that a website or application is available and reliable at all times.

What should a Site Reliability Engineer know

Similar principles influence the roles and responsibilities of a site reliability engineer and a DevOps engineer. The focus, in recent times, has moved from hardware-specific dependency to SDI (software-defined infrastructure) – with zero human intervention – eliminating errors and inconsistencies inherent in manual processes. Soak testing is a type of performance and load test that evaluates how a software application handles a growing number of users for an extended period of time. Having such engineers in your organization will help reduce your operational costs while improving the reliability of your systems.

Site reliability engineers often build custom tooling from scratch to meet specific needs in the software delivery or incident management workflow. Site reliability engineering is the practice of applying software engineering principles to operations and infrastructure processes to help organizations create highly reliable and scalable software systems. As a discipline, SRE focuses on improving software system reliability across key categories including availability, performance, latency, efficiency, capacity, and incident response. Those who perform the tasks involved are known as site reliability engineers. Senior data reliability engineers often have 5-7+ years of experience and a strong knowledge of data engineering best practices, and can own tasks from ideation to completion.

Why should I pursue a career as a site reliability engineer?

Influence architectural decisions during initial design stages to ensure resiliency and scale at the outset of software development. Based on post-incident reviews, site reliability engineers will need to optimize the Software Development Life Cycle to boost service reliability. DevOps teams, however, do not always include systems development professionals responsible for improving site performance and reliability. Organizations that created a DevOps culture benefit in many ways, including increased collaboration, faster product improvement, and a seamless supply of high-quality, reliable software. SRE engineers are responsible for ensuring that the underlying infrastructure is running smoothly and that systems and tools are working as expected.

What should a Site Reliability Engineer know

You’ll need to report critical incidents that affect applications. Even when you aren’t on call, you’ll be working with software engineers and others. In all these situations, having effective, well-developed communication skills makes life much easier. For example, you can make sure there are no miscommunications while reporting incidents.

Site Reliability Engineer Soft Skills

The average data reliability engineer salary in the United States is $92,810 a year. Some Data Reliability engineers even make upwards of $367,000 a year. After all, data can break for https://wizardsdev.com/ millions of reasons, from operational issues to unforeseen code changes. And in 2021 alone, Gartner suggests, the cost of poor data quality reached upwards of $12.9 million per year.

Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft lay off thousands — but tech jobs are still hot in 2023, Indeed finds – CNBC

Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft lay off thousands — but tech jobs are still hot in 2023, Indeed finds.

Posted: Thu, 26 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Learn how the two roles can work together toward reliability goals. Site reliability engineering and DevOps share a close relationship — but it’s not always clear what, exactly, that relationship is. Walk through the basics of SRE, and its place in DevOps methodologies.

Top Reasons to Become a Site Reliability Engineer in 2021

Pager duty is a tool used by SREs to monitor the status of their systems. It has a robust interface that allows them to see the status of all their services and receive notifications if the system is down. Training the Dev and Ops teams to follow the guidelines and procedures to minimize the number of errors and incidents. An SRE developer should not be mixed up with DevOps engineers, although many sources use these two terms interchangeably. Who should be the Scrum product owner and how does an organization choose the right person for that job? Software developers can find good remote programming jobs, but some job offers are too good to be true.

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